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Friday, August 18, 2006

Fate Steps In

Ok. I know I'm supposed to be revising my first manuscript, and I am, but in between times, the second book keeps popping into my head. First of all, I cut off my own supply of novels for the duration of the revisions process (my big reward for finishing will be Suzanne Brockmann's latest, Into the Storm--super incentive!) because it's too tempting to read someone else's fascinating, entertaining, and totally polished work rather than toiling away over mine. But from longstanding habit, I really can't get to sleep at night without reading something, so I'm working through a bunch of nonfiction (mostly combat training manuals--yay, research) and that laugh-riot of an ancient Greek historian, Herodotus. Both much less boring than they sound (although I can't tell you how much more I'd rather be reading about FBI Agent Jules Cassidy). In fact, as fate would have it, Herodotus kindly provided the name of my next hero. Very timely, too, because the character appears in book one as a secondary, non-POV player, and it'll save confusion if his name is the same in both books, don't you think? Me too.

The name? Cyrus Brandon.

I had him down in the first draft as Marcus Brandon. Now, Marcus is a name I happen to love, but I always knew it was just a placeholder for this character. It's a little too all-American stand-up guy, when the character has a definite, slightly brutal edge. Cyrus, to me, has an almost sinister quality that I find wickedly appealing. Plus, the name comes from a Persian king who ruled about 550 BC. He was a great leader, and conquered half the known world with his armies. Reputed to be both wise and just, he was nevertheless described as "insatiably bloodthirsty" by the warrior queen, Tomyris--who eventually defeated him in battle. She was pissed, because Cyrus had captured her son, and the son (who clearly didn't inherit Mom's force of will) actually killed himself rather than remain a prisoner. Tomyris got her revenge, though. When Cyrus was dead, she took his head, and stored it in a jar of blood--so he could finally get his fill. Gross, right? But kind of poetic.

So how could I resist? My vampire hero is named for a bloodthirsty fighter who met his match in a woman. Much as I love Suzanne Brockmann, I don't think I would have gotten such a great start on this character out of her! (I don't think it's giving too much away to assure you now that Cyrus won't be beheaded, or pickled in blood, or anything like that in my book.)

Freaky fate thing #2: Nick is out of town at a classic car show in Monterey this weekend, so I took the opportunity to rent a bunch of very girlie movies. I'm entirely too embarrassed to run down each of the titles--bad enough to share just the one. But here goes. Chasing Liberty. Do you even remember this movie? It was out for about five minutes, and it's one of that weird rash of President's daughter teen movies. This is the one with Mandy Moore (for whom I have a perhaps unreasonable affection) and centers around a trip to Europe where she falls for a hot guy, not realizing he's actually a secret service agent assigned to protect her. Not to give it away, or anything, if you were planning to see the film. Ha ha. Anyway, I want to set book 2 someplace in Europe, and I originally thought London, because I was there recently on my honeymoon, and it was cool. But I'm also going to Europe this fall with a friend, and we're going to Paris and Prague. PRAGUE! Eureka. Ok, it's interesting, and different, and I'll get to see it firsthand while I'm actually writing, and get all my impressions down in the moment. So I pop in Chasing Liberty and start googling Prague pictures to get a sense of what I'm dealing with, and just as I'm thinking, "Maybe I should google Prague movies, and see if I can find any recent things that were shot there..." the movie gets to the Europe trip part, and...they're going to Prague!

Not to be too Celestine Prophecy about it or anything, but have you ever noticed that sometimes things just come together and feel totally right? I love that.


At 9:15 PM, Blogger Marley Gibson said...

Hey Louisa! It was *GREAT* meeting you at the TKA party and other events at RWA Nationals. LOL!! Great times, eh? Hope all is well and good luck with your manuscript!


At 10:06 PM, Blogger Kate Pearce said...

Love Herodotus-very funny man
Love the name Marcus-that's my first ever hero's name.
Monterey eh? we went and exhibited Mr Kate's first 360 Ferrari about 5 years ago-it was fascinating!
Enjoy the girly movies
have a great weekend

At 4:45 AM, Blogger Mia Romano said...

I love the name Marcus. It is one of my all-time favorites. Best of luck with your manuscript, and enjoy those great movies.

At 6:37 AM, Blogger Mel Francis said...

okay, fate she's a funny gal.

I happen to have an unhealthy reationship with teen movies, too. I watch Chasing Liberty almost everytime it comes on. LOL.

of course, I already told you that Cyrus is the perfect name. It's sexy and manly and perfect.

At 9:03 AM, Blogger Louisa Edwards said...

Part of me is sad not to be using Marcus, because it's such a sexy name. One of my major crushes in high school was named Marcus Beck. HOT soccer player.

Oh, Kate, I should have known you'd and Herodotus would be old friends...

At 8:28 PM, Blogger Shannon McKelden said...

Chasing Liberty is one of my favorites! Doesn't hurt that the guy that plays Ben is totally hot, of course! LOL! I've watched it several times and even bought the DVD!



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